Official Spot “The Burning Questions” La Ciudad de las Ideas 2018


Official Spot “The Burning Questions” La Ciudad de las Ideas 2018

“Ask a burning question, get a burning answer”
-Lynda Barry



Official Spot “The Burning Questions” La Ciudad de las Ideas 2018

“Ask a burning question, get a burning answer”
-Lynda Barry

In 100 years, will the human beings be born from test tubes? Or maybe we will evolve through computers, becoming bodiless machines with artificial intelligence? Could we become “gods” by incorporating genetic manipulation and medicine? How smart could we become? Would we be happier if we were smarter? How will we deal with poverty, both economic and emotional? How will tolerance and intolerance coexist? Will we become technological humanoids? Will we all speak the same language? Have you asked yourself: In what type of houses will we live in? Or in what type of planet? Will we continue to work the way we do or will working become an anachronistic act? Will more than two, three, four sexes exist? Will the internet achieve the modification of our historical memory through content saturation and fake news? Will anyone be aware of it? Will we live in other planets? Will the Earth continue to exist? Will we remember how it all started? The origins of the world? Will we become eternal beings? Will schools exist in the future? Will it matter to ask ourselves all of these questions?


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