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Dafne Almazán

“One of the 30 genius children of Mexico.”
-Forbes Mexico.


Dafne is the youngest person in the world with a B.S. in Psychology (she was thirteen years old when she graduated), and is one of the youngest university students in history. She obtained two professional certifications from Harvard University: one in Differentiated Education, another in Significant Learning Techniques. Moreover, she received her bachelor’s degree from the Technological and Superior Studies Institute of Monterrey. She is currently working to earn a masters degree in Education specializing on Cognitive Development from the same institute.

She was able to read and write at the age of three, and did so in English, by the age of six. After mastering basic math, skills, she went on to learn advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, while becoming interested in Natural Science, History, Geography and Civics. By the age of seven she finished elementary school; and finished middle school by the age of eight. She completed high school with an average of 9.5 (out of ten) in two years

She began college at the age of ten and finished in 2015, as a successful example of the accelerated learning for gifted children.

On August 2013, she presented at the World Conference of the Gifted on a method for accelerated learning, included her own innovative contributions.

She speaks English, French and Latin, but now is practicing Mandarin Chinese. She’s participated in swimming, classical ballet, gimnastics, figure ice-skating, and is currently practicing Tae-Kwan-Do and oil painting.

Participation in CDI:

  • 2016

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