Poder Cívico

Poder Cívico A.C. is a citizen-organized, non-profit, democratic and nonpartisan organization. It is a space for thinking and acting, fostering Mexico’s transformation into a country that is better prepared to meet the needs of its citizens. Based on principles of respect, plurality and tolerance, Poder Cívico seeks to equip citizens with the tools needed for social transformation so that they may live in a free, safe, respectful, responsible and prosperous country. Poder Cívico is a forum for dialogue and a space for structured participation that stimulates new alternatives to improve the work of governments. The annual festival of La Ciudad de las Ideas is one of the programs Poder Cívico organizes to spread scientific knowledge.


Gobierno de Puebla

The Government of the State of Puebla has a great responsibility and a deep vocation, a commitment to education, to culture, and to the possibilities for strengthening public policies aimed at spreading knowledge. Thus, settings like La Ciudad de las Ideas are an opportunity to fulfill our commitments. They also promote Puebla at a national and international level as a state where the joint synergies between brilliant minds contribute to the building of a participatory, inclusive, and dynamic society. We believe in this project, we are convinced that forums like La Ciudad de las Ideas stimulate a constructive and purposeful social consciousness. That consciousness in turn inspires the creation, the dynamism, and the practical steps that transform and enrich a positive and enterprising society. We are confident that this great event will bring together creative and critical minds. In addition it will allow dialogues that stimulate expert knowledge of art, architecture, science, business, philosophy, geopolitics, religion, and other important issues, as well as the general society. For all of us who represent the State Government of Puebla, it is an honor to have the participation of so many worldrenowned speakers. We will take from this unique experience the most advanced and cutting-edge research, which will in turn give us a better understanding of the times in which we live. Ultimately, this will lead us a to a realm of expanded possibilities and engender inspiration in our lives. Our goal is for Puebla to assume a leading role in the arena of ideas, so this festival is an opportunity, not only to attract tourism and academic recognition, but also strengthen our image in the short and medium term. This will lead to economic development and improved social welfare. Our great vision is to show the world a Puebla that is avant-garde, a state of cultural and economic prosperity in which all voices and all mind come together to transcend.


Grupo Salinas

A company that believes in ideas. Grupo Salinas is a proud sponsor of La Ciudad de las Ideas. We have supported the festival since its beginning, and hope to continue to do so for many years to come. Through excellence and intelligence, as well as a commitment to improve our country, Grupo Salinas supports La Ciudad de las Ideas. Group Salinas is a dynamic group of rapidly growing corporations that use state of the art technology and are focused on excellence, values, and social responsibility. By offering technology to all levels of society, Grupo Salinas stimulates development in the countries in which it operates. Founded by Ricardo B. Salinas, Grupo Salinas provides a forum in which the different heads of the group’s companies can exchange ideas and share best practices. These companies include: TV Azteca, Azteca América, Grupo Elektra, Banco Azteca, Afore Azteca, Seguros Azteca, and Grupo Iusacell.


Secretaría de Cultura

We are proud sponsors of La Ciudad de las Ideas.


Secretaría de Turismo Puebla

We are proud sponsors of La Ciudad de las Ideas.


Azteca TV

A Company That Believes in Ideas. TV Azteca is a socially responsible company that believes in La Ciudad de las Ideas.


Proyecto 40

A company that bets on ideas. Proyecto 40 is a socially responsible company that believes in La Ciudad de las Ideas. Activate your mind with ideas. Reinvent yourself. Proyecto 40 is a unique television channel that is convinced that through entertainment and intelligence we can open the minds of our viewers, promote action, mobility and generate growth. La Ciudad de las Ideas is an avant-garde festival with thinkers dedicated to promoting innovative ideas that enrich the knowledge of the Mexican population. Proyecto 40 will transmit this great festival of brilliant minds.



Refresh your world. Pepsi, always close to the youth, has always sought to think outside the box in a fresh and fun manner, establishing new paradigms without limiting creativity. Today’s youth live in a time of constant change, where reinvention has become the only rule. Young people are the protagonists and authors of this new intellectual era. Nothing seems impossible, imagination and dreams are the vehicle of each of the daily experiences they create. Pepsi is thus, for the fifth consecutive year, a proud sponsor of La Ciudad de las Ideas, a space that encourages change among youth, celebrating their creativity and curiosity to develop new ideas.


Exitus Capital



As a socially responsible Mexican company, Grupo Aeromexico is proud to be sponsor of this important event, an event that we have supported for three years. Grupo Aeromexico is a holding company whose subsidiaries are engaged in commercial aviation in Mexico and the promotion of passenger loyalty programs. Grupo Aeromexico operates its main hub out of Terminal 2 in the Mexico City International Airport. The Group’s airlines operate over 550 daily flights to more than 40 cities in Mexico, 16 in the United States, one in Canada, 11 in Central and South America, two in Europe and two Asia. Grupo Aeromexico has a fleet of Boeing 777, 767, and 737, as well as the latest Embraer models, 145 and 190. In 2011, an important expansion plan began that mandates the addition of 20 new planes and properties over the next 24 months. This includes seven Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircrafts.


Estrella Roja

Transporting your ideas to “change the world”… Your ideas travel from one place to another and go into the minds of our passengers… projects, businesses, dreams, feelings. Estrella Roja’s mission is to transport, between Mexico and Puebla, the ideas that will transform the world.


Cuervo Tradicional

We are proud sponsors of La Ciudad de las Ideas.


Café Punta del Cielo

Today we want Mexico to be R-evolutionary, While the others are just coffee bars, Punta del Cielo represents technology. Today we want Mexico to be R-evolutionary. Today, we are going beyond, challenging the status quo. We are looking for a new way, our own way. We want to leave fashion aside, be consistent with our ideals. We are going through life with determination, getting straight to the point. Today, we want a r-evolution, where “Mexico” becomes synonymous with avant-garde and technology. Today, we want a R-evolutionary Mexico.



We are proud sponsors of La Ciudad de las Ideas.



Azpe Company, who represents the Wilson brand, is committed with the young Mexicans to promote the creative development of new initiatives. Therefore, it is a great pleasure on being part of La Ciudad de las Ideas 2015 project.



We are proud sponsors of La Ciudad de las Ideas.


Total Play

We are proud sponsors of La Ciudad de las Ideas.



Change the lives of 2 million people, is our way of improving the world… ITALIKA® Learn and enjoy the experience of driving a Italika is easy, comfortable, reliable and fun. In addition to acquiring a culture of safe driving a road through respect and vial awareness that allows us to improve the world… All this you can live with ITALIKA management courses. We wating for you… ITALIKA®


Tanya Moss

Tanya Moss is a company where our core values are creativity, originality and authenticity. La Ciudad de las Ideas promotes these same values. We are inspired by this project and we profoundly identify with it. We have attended to several past editions of the event and each year we anxiously wait for the next one. La Ciudad de las Ideas has inspired us both professionally and personally to foster our critical thinking and improve our creativity. We feel privileged to be able to support this initiative.


Tempur Sealy

From the beginning, La Ciudad de las Ideas has been a project that Tempur + Sealy has believed, for its great ability to innovate and be determined to questions event that lead us to discover new realities. What’s the Point?, the question which this year opens a new space for discussion and exchange of ideas between minds who want to see beyond a single reality. Tempur + Sealy, with its brands Stearns & Foster, Tempurpedic, Sealy and Microtech, has taken the challenge to provide the rest you need to inspire those who are clear that to achieve beyond, the point is don’t stop to dreaming.



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