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La Ciudad de las Ideas has once again done it. Beyond X was attended by 60 speakers from all over the world, who, infected by a spirit of spreading knowledge, met again for the magnificent event that, like all previous years, took place in Puebla.

La Ciudad de las Ideas has once again done it. Beyond X was attended by 60 speakers from all over the world, who, infected by a spirit of spreading knowledge, met again for the magnificent event that, like all previous years, took place in Puebla.

The appointment was held in the Metropolitan Auditorium and the result was, as it has been for the last 10 years, spectacular! The audience was truly responsive during the 3 days. The dialogue that took place regarding the various technologies, designs, theories, arts and undertakings that will come in the future, kept us on the edge of the chair.


We would like to recall, among the highlights of the festival, he presence of the prominent Nobel Prize winners and the Priztker Prize winner: Alejandro Aravena, Mario Molina, David Gross, Adam Riess y Edvard Moser, as well as Steven Pinker,… the most decorated and brilliant minds of this century. We can remember the conferences of analysts like Tristan Harris, Kevin Kelly or Juan Enríquez Cabot, in which we were able to delve into the technological predictions about the coming years and the manic nature that represents progress.

Artists like OK Go, Canion Shijirbat and Adam Pespane exhibited their creative gifts and the magic that the power of imagination can have on reality. Chip Conley showed us the triangle of love, the basis of all his businesses, with which he helped found the largest hotel chain in the world, without even having a single hotel: Airbnb.

On the other hand, Di-Ann Eisnor, founder of Waze, traced the neo-geography of the future and Dror Benshetrit showed us honeycomb cities and chairs that while being works of art, can be a practical result in which our guests can rest.

We had the privilege of being part of a conversation between linguist philosopher Noam Chomsky, his loyal friend and physicists Lawrence Krauss and Dr. Andrés Roemer; as well as, getting involved with the controversial debate about climate change, which heated the minds, of the entire audience.

Awards, surprises, concerts, Síclo, yoga, swimming, gym, night workshops such as that of Esther Perel and Dror Benshetrit, added to the announcements of the new alliances such as The Day of Knowledge or the project of The School of Life, increased the ornamentation of this sublime surrealist painting that was called: Beyond X.

A festival that in the words of David Rowan, is already one of our favorites and without a doubt, indispensable in our annual agenda.

Thanks to the support of the Duke of York and Ricardo Salinas Pliego, we had Pitch@Palace one more year; and the Gifted Citizen initiative, continues to involve projects that empowers citizens, showing that this festival is not only part of a celebration each year, but is also the result of the sum, the effort that all of us made throughout the year.


If you ask us what was Beyond X, maybe we could answer that it was the multiplication of dreams X endeavors X art X work X vision X risks X imagination X science X love, resulting ….

R = “Continue without believing everything we think.”

Beyond X, as expressed by its name, exceeded us, exceeded our expectations, went beyond all the branches that were addressed in the conferences, throughout the weekend. Now that we have traveled in time, reaching almost to the end of the horizons of knowledge, we can only return to the present, to propagate the word, the understanding and the acquired understanding. Beyond X not only gave us an unforgettable weekend, but also gave us the critical responsibility to keep thinking and questioning everything we think.

Two words: INFINITE GRATITUDE, BEYOND THANKS to all who formed and still are part of this titan that is La Ciudad de las Ideas.

We do not have fingers yet, to list every detail of this amazing festival that took place on November 17, 18, 19 in our unconditional city of Puebla.

Undoubtedly, we are left wanting more and it is because our hunger for knowledge is insatiable and so must be: only engine of freedom and Promethean fire that will illuminate the eclipsed horizons of tomorrow.

See you next year without fail!

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Let the countdown begin already.

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